Docenti 2015

*Life and Works of St. Augustine
Kolawole Chabi, OSA 

*Augustine: Christ and  the Church
Robert Dodaro, OSA

*Augustine and Scripture
Card. Prosper Grech, OSA 

History of the Order
Development, Circumscriptions
David Kelly, OSA

* Augustine: Prayer and Liturgy
Enrique A. Eguiarte, OAR

*Augustine: Art and Culture
Dr. Louise Bourdua, Univ. Warwick

*Augustine: Existential Questions
Arthur Chappell, OSA

*Augustine: Monasticism and Religious Life
The Rule
Brian Lowery, OSA

Augustinians and Mission – AM sisters
Founding of Congregations: SSND, ASOLC

Sacraments in Augustine
Bernard Bruning, OSA

Constitutions, Ratio, Juridical Structure of the Order
Anthony Banks, OSA; John Flynn, OSA

*Augustine: Catechesis and Pedagogy  Seminar on the Human Sciences: Psychology - Pedagogy
Gary McCloskey, OSA

Seminar on the Contemporary World and Society
Paul Graham, OSA

*Augustine: Politics and
the Common Good - The City of God
Robert Dodaro, OSA 

Augustinian Hagiography
William Faix, OSA

Augustinian Pastoral Theology
Joseph Farrell, OSA

*Augustine and Theological Traditions
Eric Saak

*The Confessions of St. Augustine
Miles Hollingworth

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