From 30th October to 3rd November, 2017, I facilitated workshops for the Augustinian Sisters who have a foundation here in Nigeria. They are called Canonesses Regular Hospitallers of the Mercy of Jesus, of the Order of St. Augustine. Or simply, “Augustinian Sisters of the Mercy of Jesus, Order of St. Augustine”.

These Augustinian Sisters make the vow of “Mercy and Service to the Poor” as a fourth vow. They currently have six (6) Novices) and Three (3) Postulants. Their apostolate revolves around hospital management and medical outreach, running of schools and works of charity / care of the poor and needy.

The theme of the Workshops was:     Augustinian Spirituality: Exploring the Basic Pillars of the Spirituality of St. Augustine.

The workshop took place in their Community at Idah, Kogi State, Nigeria. We arrived on Monday, 30th October, 2017 and departure was on Friday, 3rd November, 2017. Each day began with Eucharistic Adoration followed by Eucharistic Celebration and Lauds. The rest of each day was dotted with conferences, small group discussions, other parts of the Divine Office and meals.

There were twenty-three (23) of the Sisters in attendance: six Novices and seventeen Professed Sisters. The Postulants were busy all day, each day, making sure that meals and other necessary things were ready and available in good time.

My attention was focused on the different aspects of Augustine’s Spirituality, particularly, Interiority / search for God, Community Life, Poverty and Apostolate / Service to the Church. I also touched on other aspects like humility, on-going conversion and so on.

There were two conferences in the mornings, with a break in-between. Evenings were dedicated to small-group discussion. The group discussions were occasions for the Sisters to evaluate the morning conferences and to point out from them, aspects of Augustine’s spirituality that are present in their constitutions and regulations. They were also required to make concrete suggestions on how they could live out Augustinian Spirituality better within their local communities.

There were group reports and discussions in plenary after the small-group discussions.

The Sisters were very interested in the theme of the workshops and they had very sincere and meaningful discussions and also made suggestions on how to live and appreciate Augustinian Spirituality better within their charism.

Fr. Jude Aniobodom Ossai, OSA.



The Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria observed the day of Prayer in celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life. On 10th October, 2015, all the students in Formation met in the House of Philosophy in Makurdi, Benue State. They were seventy-one (71) in number: 8 Novices, 24 Temporary Professed  and 39 Postulants. The prayer session included Eucharistic Adoration with sung Lauds, the Corona and other prayers. There was also a talk on Augustinian Identity, spirituality and charism.  Fr. Jude Ossai, OSA, led the students in the prayers and the conference. The event concluded with Mass of St. Thomas of Villanova, presided over by Fr. Matthew Onaulogho, OSA, the President of the Philosophy Institute.

Jude Ossai, OSA

The Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria

The Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria held a conference/retreat to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life,  from 10th to 14th August 2015,  at the Augustinian Monastery,  Jos,  Plateau State. NIGERIA.  Friars arrived on 10th August,  the conferences held from 11th to 13th August and the Friars departed on 14th August.  The event was planned and moderated by the Commission on Augustinian Spirituality,  of the Province.

The theme of the conference was Rediscovering our Augustinian Identity.  Fr. Gary McCloskey,  OSA, of the Province of Villanova,  delivered the papers for the conference.  Each day began and concluded With the Eucharist: In the first two days we began with Mass in the morning and concluded with one hour of Eucharistic Adoration.  On the third day we began with one hour of Eucharistic Adoration and concluded with Mass, presided over by the Prior Provincial,  Fr. John Abubakar,  OSA. This Mass of the third day was followed by a festive celebration.

There were over sixty (60) Friars in attendance and the conference was very enriching.  We are very thankful to Fr. Gary McCloskey for accepting to come all the way from Villanova to facilitate the conference and for his beautiful insights into Augustinian Spirituality and identity.  The conference was very successful and we thank the Friars for their active participation and contributions during the sessions.

Jude Ossai,  OSA. 



Sous l’aval et proposition du Père Vicaire un comité vicarial a été monté avec les membres suivants:
P. Martin BANGA (membre de la Commission de la Spiritualité Augustinienne de l’Ordre pour l’Afrique), P. André BANGAMA, P. Robert KINALEGU et Vincent NDANDA.
Objectif du Comité est de suivre et exécuter les propositions de la Commission de l’Ordre en matière de la Spiritualité Augustinienne, et surtout en misant sur les initiatives locales.

1. L’année 2015 est dédiée à la vie Consacrée

Voici les activités retenues:
Pour les communautés du Nord:
* 30 avril au 05 mai : Frères du nord avec les religieux du Diocèse Dungu-Doruma se rencontrent à Dungu pour l’ouverture officielle de l’année de la vie consacrée.
* 3 mai : Messe solennelle d’ouverture par Son Excellence Monseigneur Richard Domba
* 8 mai : Renouvellement des vœux des frères à Amadi.
- Animateur : P. Guillaume, sur le thème “ Les Augustins, le passé, le présent et l’avenir”
- Jubilé d’argent du P. Guillaume
Pour la Communauté de Kinshasa:
* 30 avril au 01 mai :
-Journées de réflexion et de partage sur la vie consacrée pour les frères (Formateurs et Étudiants),
-Renouvellement des vœux
-Célébration solennelle avec les fidèles
-Animateurs: P. André et Robert
*La clôture de l’année de la vie consacrée en février 2016
- Un Colloque sur saint Augustin sera organisé avant le chapitre intermédiaire.

2. Le calendrier quinquennal
Le Comité a décidé de consacrer chaque année civile à l’étude spécifique des livres de saint Augustin en vue de permettre aux frères l’approfondissement de notre spiritualité.
* Année 2016: “L’année des Confessions” : Se connaitre soi-même.
* Année 2017: “L’année de la “Cité de Dieu”: Ma vie religieuse face aux défis du monde d’aujourd’hui.
* Année 2018: “L’année de la “Règle”: Harmoniser ma vie dans le Vicariat.
* Année 2019: “L’année de la Constitution de l’Ordre et du Statut vicarial”: Connaitre et s’impliquer dans l’Ordre.

3. La Revue Motema
Est choisie comme un instrument locale de la diffusion de la Spiritualité augustinienne au niveau locale et internationale. La Comité se charge pour sa promotion.
4. Divers:
- Un projet de création d’un centre de spiritualité à Dungu,
- Projet de traduction en français : Constitutions, Rituel de l’Ordre et livre du Secrétaire.
- Le Comité est chargé à planifier et à proposer les dates de ces activités spirituelles.

P. Martin, osa


Meeting AFA


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