1. Celebrations

* Day of prayer for all of the members of the Order:  Friday, May 8, 2015 (Our Lady of Grace). It seems important to us that everyone in the Order, on the same day, will celebrate a Day of Prayer for Augustinian Religious Life.  Each community is invited to organize the day in a creative way (meetings, activities with laity, liturgical celebrations, presentations on Augustinian Charism, vocational activities, etc...)  We are asking each community of the Order to program as part of the day, a common prayer time which will include the renewal of our Augustinian Profession of Vows.  In the future, the ISA will send suggested texts and materials.

* Day of prayer for those in Formation:  Saturday October 10 2015.  The International Commission on Initial Formation proposes that, throughout the Order, a special day will be set aside in each circumscription for all in Initial Formation.  The participants in this day will be all Novices and Professed Students and we encourage the pre-novices to be included also.   Where it is possible, this day could be a collaborative celebration among circumscriptions, especially those in the same country.  The day can include a time of reflection (proposals, evaluation), celebrations (prayer, Eucharist), service (acts of Charity), and festive gatherings.  The Commission on Initial Formation will send, through the ISA, further suggestions and materials.

* Day of prayer for each circumscription (Province, Vicariate, Delegation): Each circumscription is invited to plan a celebrative day which offers  the members an opportunity for fraternal gathering and a chance to deepen our Augustinian charism.   We suggest a part which includes a talk or discussion, a liturgical celebration presided by the respective major superior, and a festive gathering.

2. Meetings

* Age groups. The circumscriptions are encouraged, during the Year of Consecrated Life, to organize meetings according to age groups (young, middle age, seniors) where pertinent themes can be presented and discussed as way to contribute to renewal.  If it is convenient, these meetings can be organized among circumscriptions which are near each other, especially in the same country.

* With the laity. Each community is invited to plan during this Year of Consecrated Life a meeting with laity.  Two possible suggestions:   With the laity who may not know us, organize an opportunity to share our charism and our ministries so that they may know the Augustinians, who we are, where we are, and what we do; With the laity who already know us and with whom we minister, organize an opportunity to deepen their understanding of lay Augustinian spirituality and to listen to their suggestions and contributions.  Special attention should be paid to the Augustinian Lay Fraternities and those people in especially close relationships to us.

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