The Institue

The 2001 Ordinary General Chapter entrusted to the General Council the creation of an institute of spirituality (A-13a). The 2007 Chapter asked that the council “maintain and promote” such an institute. Its office is located in the General Curia of the Order in Rome. The institute is constituted by an Executive Committee and by a group of collaborators who together with the Executive Committee form the Plenary Council of the Institute. It is governed by its own Statues.

Its purposes are to:

•    Promote spiritual formation in the Order through study and an
understanding of Augustinian spirituality.
•    Foster the ongoing formation of the friars of the Order.
•    Promote and organize gatherings, conferences, congresses and study days on Augustine and other authors of our spiritual tradition, either in Rome or in other geographical areas of the Order.
•    Develop and disseminate materials on Augustinian spirituality.
•    Collaborate with other commissions of the Order in all that concerns the general area of formation.
•    Address whatever other activity which, in accord with the purposes of the Institute would be advisable.

The direction and coordination of the Institute are exercised by the Plenary Council of the Institute and the Executive Committee.
•    The Plenary Council, constituted by the Executive Committee and a group of Collaborators, meet ordinarily two times in the course of the six-year term of the General and Council.
•    The Executive Committee is composed of a President, a Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and three Members, all friars in Solemn Vows.
•    The Executive Committee ordinarily meets once a year.

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